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DJ Schedule: the BreakDown @Coins bar Shibuya (June 8th)


6月8日(土)、場所は渋谷のCoins Barです。




Its the 2nd Saturday again, and your favorite 300 yen hip hop jam is back.
This month will see DJFYO and DJ Chef the Frog joining UCC to deliver the beats, alongside your host for the night Shux.

Coins Bar Shibuya (across from Tokyu Hands under DMR)
300 yen entrance/300yen drinks


DJ Schedule: Artist Opening Party – 281 Anti Nuke Retrospective (June 6th)


そんな折、6月6日(木)に、六本木Pink CowでDJします。


Thurs., June 6th – Artist Opening Party! (Exhibition dates June1st-30th)
The Pink Cow Restaurant & Roth Management are proud to present a special guest exhibition by controversial Japanese street artist 281 Anti Nuke.
6月6日 アーティストオープニングパーティー!(展示 6/1-6/30)
ピンクカウ&Rothマネージメントがお届けする、スペシャルゲストの問題の日本のストリートアーティスト、281 Anti Nuke(核反対)の作品を展示します!

281 Anti Nuke Retrospective
281 Anti Nuke(核反対)レトロスペクティブ

We take a look at 281 Anti Nuke, seeing his affect on Japanese society and the world at large. His works have not only been a significant cultural influencer in Shibuya, but the world. After his works have been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Financial Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and many more, we have a rare glimpse to see the works of “The Japanese Banksy”. We will also show the new 281 Anti Nuke documentary, which has allowed 281 Anti Nuke to show you what drives this artist. 281 Anti nuke will also be attending so if you’ve ever wanted to meet him, this could be the only time you will ever get the chance.
アーティスト281 Anti Nukeの、日本政治と世界状況に与える影響について、取り上げる。彼の作品は渋谷で注目を浴びるだけではなく、世界的にも話題となっている。彼の作品はRolling Stone Magazine, The Financial Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal などといった雑誌でも掲載され、日本版のバンクシーだと言われてもいる。今回は 281 Anti Nukeのドキュメンタリーを公開し、なぜ彼が今のようなアーティストになったかを紹介。彼本人もイベントに出席予定。これを逃したらおそらくもうこのような機会はないといってもいいだろう。

Please join us and our filmmaker along with live street artists, DJs and performers for an opening party to celebrate 281’s work and concepts. A very special opportunity to be involved in his first ever solo show in Japan!
どうぞ気軽にイベントまで足をはこんでください。フィルムメーカー、ストリートアーティスト、DJ、パフォーマーなど様々な参加者が281 Anti Nukeのイベントを盛り上げます。彼の日本初の個展に、是非いらしてください!

Special Featured Guests:


David Whitaker – Rap/Spoken Word, Live Art

Kimono Drop – Electronica/Dance Band

“Kimono Drop” is a Tokyo-based duo composing and performing a misfit mix of electronica, dance and hip-hop since 2011. The band’s two members combine at least five cultures, but are not hung up on multiculturalism. The aim is good music. The place is here. And the time is now.

Trip Absenth – Rock Band

Doors open 5pm, event from 7pm.
Dinner service from 5pm-10:30pm. Bar until we close.
No entry charge but table seating for dinner guests only please.
For maps, menus and more venue info check
For 281 Artist info and prices please contact Roth Management
For 281 Artistの情報・作品のお値段等はRoth Management までご連絡ください。