New Mix: Beats To The Vibes 2 -another side-


2011年後半にWord Is Bondで取り上げられた曲を中心にミックスしています。







1:Semuta/ Dr. Quandary (Shout Out by Shux Wun)
2:The Eutopia Mix/ MF Love
3:Space Bird Stomp/ Matty Melks
4:beat37/ Rokjoma
5:Afro B-Boy/ Teck-Zilla
6:Lawal’s Safe Return/ K Hands
7:Then/ Slippery Elm & AstroLogical
8:Orange Crush feat. Lurrell Low/ Kung Foo Grip
9:Wings feat. Elzhi/ Union
10:Broad Factor (Bayk’d Remix)/ Quasimoto
11:Hornets Nest/ Jonti
12:Deep Winter/ Dibia$e
13:Drums Drums/ QN from SIMI LAB
14:October.11/ HashFinger
15:Searching/ OneofUs
16:Flying Fish/ uhoh
17:Gettin’ It Done/ Shag
18:Microphone Mizery/ Truth By Design
19:Yes Party People feat. Kero One/ Green Tea
20:Crass Machinery/ SiFunk
21:Dance With You/ SE1DavidE
22:Love Story/ Mecca:83
24:Nightlife/ Audio Dope
25:Simply Having/ Black Milk & Melanie Rutherford
26:Question/ First Notice
27:Sit Back Relax 1.0/ Moon Blazers
28:MCs Never Die/ Ace da Vinci
29:Lunar Jewels/ Moka Only
30:Masonic Vocals/ Planet Asia & Madlib
31:Hustlin/ Cru the Dynamic
32:Sad March/ Millelemmi
33:Vessels/ AstroLogical
34:New Cents/ Futuristic
35:Hypnopomic/ Illoquence
36:ceiling leak/ blue (aka isle child)
37:Spirited/ Liston
38:Dry Sun/ Nym
39:With You/ polographia
40:Pellicule/ 不可思議/wonderboy (R.I.P.)



Bio: Do Justly From Your Own aka DJFYO。LAで活動後、2010年日本に戻る。程なくして東京に移住、活動の拠点とする。Hiphopを中心に、他ジャンルも独自の感覚と知識で Mixする。DJ Ku-Rumi-Chan名義で日本のポップ(ヘタなものはかけない)、歌謡曲でのDJプレイもこなす。トラック作りも行い、他のアーティストとはまた一線を画した音作りを得意とする。 Do Justly From Your Own aka DJFYO. He is a DJ, he is a trackmaker, he was a music supervisor, he was an assistant radio producer. That is DJFYO. He does Japanese Pop DJ by his alias, called DJ Ku-Rumi-Chan. For DJFYO, all music genres are down with him.

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